Until today, NAK Automation S.A. undertook and successfully carried out very important projects, both in Greece and abroad, covering all types of vessels, involving electronic, electrical or pneumatic:

  • Main engine Maneuvering Systems
  • Monitoring, alarm and control of pressure, temperature, level, humidity, revolutions, voltage etc. of the engine room
  • Automated and safety systems of generators and diesel engines
  • Modification of motor starter from star or delta to soft start or inverter
  • Construction and installation of any automatic voltage regulator(AVR)
  • Boiler control, calibration and safety systems. Boiler burner management, combustion, water level and load control
  • Fire detection in hazardous and non hazardous areas. Fire alarm in pump room.
  • Cargo tank temperature. Cargo tanks pressure & vacuum monitoring.
  • Cargo & Ballast pumps monitoring & protection systems. Level gauging for cargo and ballast tanks.
  • Automated monitoring, measurement and control systems for safety loading and uploading of cargo from tanks. High level & overfill alarm for cargo tanks.
  • Automated systems for inert gas control.
  • Measurement and detection of hazardous and toxic gases in pump room, ballast tanks, void spaces and non hazardous areas. Hydrocarbons analyzer.
  • Repair of electronic boards.