Samsung Automation

samsung heavy industries maritime automation service

We undertake the full inspection of the LCU automation cards of the SAMSUNG SSAS 21C Integrated Monitoring & Control System made by Samsung Heavy Industries.

NAK Automation's technicians inspect in the first phase if the card communicates with the Samsung monitoring system. Both communication channels of the card are inspected, each one separately and if a problem has been found, then they replace the corresponding active components or passive components that may be faulty with completely new components.
In the secondary phase and if there are no problems found in the communication part, our technicians inspect each input in each signal that the card supports and the inputs that show problems will then have their components replaced with new components.

If the components or sockets of the card are in a rusty or corroded state then the client is being informed if they want those parts to be replaced with new parts. All the problems are being monitored and reported back to the client so that they can decide the course that the service procedure will take. After the inspection and repairements, each input of the card is being checked from our technicians so that it can meet Samsung's specification guidelines in our very own simulation enviroment.

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Samsung SSAS-21c LCU repairs